Stir-frying your chi, with synaptic bits from  next lunar month   用下个农历月的突触位慢炒你的「气」

A recipe to turn everything around   一个将一切颠倒过来的食谱

by Ajla Yi


1. Few drops of the scent from when you were born, liquified with the bottom data processor 

2. A handful of your past life memories as plants, removed from the stems

3. One robotic replication of your genitalia, roughly shredded

4. The ghostly pressure on your shoulder while consuming the newest TSQ upload 

5. Fresh saliva with re-generated cells of one hour produce 

6. Blue sticky butt juice, of the same amount as the saliva

7. Young symbiotic spirits, finely chopped 





4. 阅读最新一期《跨性别研究季刊》时落在你肩膀上的幽灵般的压力





1. On an open surface, the colourful and squiggling tentacles with beads of the tiny bum holes  on them, start sniffing and guzzling the fresh saliva and butt juice, distilling them inside the  crystal clear  squiggles until they become the breathable discharge flow out from the orange tubes.

2. Combine the discharge with the shredded arm and mix well, the colourful beads on the  bottom suck the mix in and process it raw inside the purple flower-shaped windpipe.

3. On a scorching energy field inside the mushroom-shaped cap, the raw mix is being stir-fried  with your plants' memories, and the chopped spirits are stirred in for the next step.

4. Everything being stuffed inside the top telescopic plug with pressure for the pressure cooking  process, cooked until golden brown.

5. A few drops of the scent is sprinkled on top to serve.


1. 在台面上,一堆五颜六色的、蠕动的触手上有小屁眼的珠子开始嗅吸新鲜的唾液和臀部汁液,将液体在变得晶莹剔透的触手中蒸馏,直到它们从橙色管中变成气体排出。

2. 将排出物与切碎的手臂混合均匀,底部的彩色珠子将混合物吸入,并在紫色花形气管内生加工。

3. 在蘑菇状的盖子内的灼热能量场上,将生料和植物的记忆一同翻炒,并拌入被切碎的魂。

4. 将所有食材塞入顶部伸缩塞内,加压蒸煮,并煎至金黄色。